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Jared Watts

Founding Engineer
San Diego, California
Jared Watts is a Founding Engineer at Upbound, where he is working on advancing cloud-native computing by "freeing the cloud" and is also a maintainer for the open source Rook project (https://rook.io/). Before Upbound, he worked on innovative storage projects at Quantum Corp. and helped found Rook. Prior to Quantum, Jared worked on P2P storage distributed across the public internet at Symform, a startup later acquired by Quantum. Before that, Jared began his career at Microsoft working on applications for Windows Server setup and management.

Jared Watts是Upbound的创始工程师,他正在通过“释放云”来推进云原生计算,同时也是开源Rook项目(https://rook.io/)的维护者。在Upbound之前,他曾在Quantum Corp.从事创新存储项目,并帮助创建了Rook。在昆腾之前,Jared曾在Symform的公共互联网上分发P2P存储,Symform后来被昆腾收购。在此之前,Jared的职业生涯始于Microsoft,致力于Windows Server设置和管理的应用程序。