May 2-4, 2018 - Copenhagen, Denmark
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Wednesday, May 2

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Diffy - Predicting and Preempting Regressions in Services - Puneet Khanduri & Prashant Khanduri, Diffy (Beginner Skill Level) C1-M1 The Enterprise’s New Shoes - The Journey of Adidas to a Global Kubernetes Rollout -Daniel Eichten, Adidas AG & Oliver Thylmann, Giant Swarm GmbH (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 10 Git-push Workflows (using git hooks) for Deploying Applications on Kubernetes - Tanmai Gopal & Vamshi Surabhi Rao, Hasura (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 11+12 Machines Can Do The Work: Automation and the Kubernetes Contributor Experience - Aaron Crickenberger, Samsung SDS (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M2 Making Big Data Processing Portable. The Story of Apache Beam and gRPC - Ismaël Mejía, Talend (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 15 gRPC Intro – Jayant Kolhe & Sree Kuchibhotla, Google (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M6+8 Kubeflow Intro – Michał Jastrzębski & Ala Raddaoui, Intel (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M5+7 SIG Multi-Cluster Intro – Christian Bell, Madhu C.S., & Nikhil Jindal, Google (Any Skill Level) B4-M1+3 Storage WG Intro – Ben Hindman, Mesosphere, Clint Kitson, VMware & Quinton Hoole, Huawei (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B4-M2+4 A Survey of the OSS Tracing Ecosystem - Ben Sigelman & Ted Young, LightStep (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M0 What's Up With All The Different Container Runtimes? - Ricardo Aravena, Branch Metrics (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M5 Completely Securing the Software Supply Chain using Grafeas + in-toto - Lukas Puehringer, NYU & Wendy Dembowski, Google (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M3 Introduction to Istio Configuration - Joy Zhang, Google (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M4

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How We Built Contour, and What You Can Learn From Our Experience - Dave Cheney, Heptio (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M1 Kubernetes on Supporting $8 Trillion Card Payments in China - Xin Zhang & Deyuan Deng, Caicloud (Any Skill Level) Auditorium 10 Continuous Delivery Meets Custom Kubernetes Controller: A Declarative Configuration Approach to CI/CD - Suneeta Mall & Simon Cochrane, Nearmap (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 11+12 Building an Open Source Community to Achieve Innovation-Through-Openness - Jonas Rosland, {code} (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M2 gRPC Load Balancing on Kubernetes - Jan Tattermusch, Google (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 15 Envoy Project Intro – Matt Klein & Jose Nino, Lyft (Any Skill Level) B3-M6+8 Fluentd Project Intro – Eduardo Silva & Masahiro Nakagawa, Treasure Data (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B4-M2+4 SAFE WG Intro – Jeyappragash J J, padme.io, & Ray Colline, Google (Any Skill Level) B5-M2+4 Scalability Intro – Shyam Jeedigunta, Google & Bob Wise, AWS (Any Skill Level) B5-M1+3 SIG CLI Intro - Phil Wittrock & Mengqi Yu, Google (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M5+7 SIG Cluster Lifecycle Intro – Justin Santa Barbara, FathomDB & Lucas Käldström (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B4-M1+3 Practical and Useful Latency Analysis using Istio and OpenCensus - Varun Talwar, Stealth Startup & Morgan McLean, Google (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M0 Containerd, What Does it Mean for Me - Scott Coulton, Puppet (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M5 Establishing Image Provenance and Security in Kubernetes - Adrian Mouat, Container Solutions (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M3 Evolving Systems Design: From Unreliable rpc to Resilience with Linkerd - Edward Wilde, Form3 (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M4

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Habitat Builder: Cloud Native Application Automation - Elliott Davis & Fletcher Nichol, Chef.io (Habitat.sh) (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M1 Kubernetes and Taxes: Lessons Learned at the Norwegian Tax Administration - A Production Case Study - Bjarte S. Karlsen, The Norwegian Tax Administration (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 10 Building Docker Images Without Docker - Matt Rickard, Google (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 11+12 Open Source and Building Online Communities using Social Media and Communications - Tips, Tricks, and Being Effective - Kim McMahon, McMahon Consulting (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M2 A Brokerless REST Interface for gRPC Services - Roman Zimine, Turbonomic (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 15 Chaos Engineering WG Intro – Sylvain Hellegouarch, ChaosIQ (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B5-M1+3 Kubernetes Conformance WG Intro – William Denniss, Google (Any Skill Level) B3-M5+7 Kubernetes Policy WG Intro – Zhipeng Huang, Huawei (Any Skill Level) B4-M1+3 OpenTracing Project Intro – Priyanka Sharma & Ted Young, LightStep (Any Skill Level) B4-M2+4 SIG Contributor Experience Intro – Paris Pittman, Google & Elsie Phillips, CoreOS (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M6+8 Prometheus for Devs - Hubert Ströbitzer, Freelancer (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M0 CRI: The Second Boom of Container Runtimes - Harry Zhang & Xu Wang, HyperHQ (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M5 Securing your Kubernetes Delivery Pipelines with Notary and TUF - Liam White & Michael Hough, IBM (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M3 Replacing NGINX with Envoy in a Traffic Control System - Mark McBride, Turbine Labs, Inc (Advanced Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M4

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Why Do I Need Kubernetes When I Already Have Cloud Foundry? - Sanjay Patil, SAP (Beginner Skill Level) C1-M1 Write Less Code, Use More Tools: How we Orchestrate 7M+ Builds/Month with Kubernetes + Nomad - Danielle Tomlinson, CircleCI (Any Skill Level) Auditorium 10 Continuously Deliver your Kubernetes Infrastructure - Mikkel Larsen, Zalando SE (Advanced Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 11+12 Who What How: Understanding Kubernetes Development through DevStats - Josh Berkus, Red Hat Inc. & Łukasz Gryglicki, CNCF (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M2 Efficient IoT with Protocol Buffers and gRPC - Vladimir Vivien, {code} (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 15 containerd Intro – Stephen Day, Docker (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B5-M1+3 Jaeger Project Intro - Juraci Kröhling, Red Hat (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M6+8 OpenStack SIG Intro – Chris Hoge, OpenStack Foundation, & David Lyle, Intel (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B4-M1+3 Prometheus Project Intro – Julius Volz, Prometheus (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M5+7 TUF / Notary Project Intro – David Lawrence, Docker, & Justin Cappos, NYU, TUF (Any Skill Level) B4-M2+4 How to Export Prometheus Metrics from Just About Anything - Matt Layher, DigitalOcean (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M0 You Ever Wonder Why We're Here? - Sarah Christoff, Cloudreach (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M5 Cloud Native Identity Management - Andreas Zitzelsberger, QAware GmbH & Andrew Jessup, Scytale Inc. (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M3 Building Hybrid Clouds with Istio - Allan Naim, Google & Rohit Agarwalla, Cisco (Intermediate Skill Level) C1-M4

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Seamless Development Environments on Kubernetes using Telepresence - Ara Pulido, Bitnami (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M1 Grafeas Community Meetup BOF - Wendy Dembowski, Google (Any Skill Level) B4-M2+4 Building a Cloud Native Culture in an Enterprise - Deep Kapadia & Tony Li, The New York Times Company (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 10 Experience Report - Evolving a Continuous Delivery Workflow to Kubernetes using Spinnaker - Gard Rimestad, Schibsted & Øyvind Ingebrigtsen Øvergaard, Finn.no (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 11+12 Scaling Non-Traditional Contributor Mentoring Initiatives - Paris Pittman, Google (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M2 Cloud Native Landscape Intro – Dan Kohn, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (Any Skill Level) B4-M1+3 SIG Instrumentation Intro – Frederic Branczyk, CoreOS, & Piotr Szczesniak, Google (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M5+7 SIG Service-Catalog Intro – Michael Kibbe, Google, Morgan Bauer & Doug Davis, IBM (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M6+8 The Untapped Power of Services - L7 Load Balancing Without a Service Mesh - Damien Lespiau, Weaveworks (Advanced Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 15 Scalable Monitoring Using Prometheus with Apache Spark - Diane Feddema & Zak Hassan, Red Hat Inc (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M0 Kata Containers: Getting Involved with the Kata Community - Anne Bertucio, OpenStack & Samuel Ortiz, Intel (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M5 The Route To Rootless Containers - Ed King, Pivotal & Julz Friedman, IBM (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M3 Performance and Scale @ Istio Service Mesh - Fawad Khaliq, VMware Inc, Laurent Demailly, Google & Surya V Duggirala, IBM (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M4

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Panel Discussion: Containers in Enterprise Cloud Strategy: Pitfalls, Best Practices, and Predictions - Moderated by Anni Lai, Huawei (Intermediate Skill Level) C1-M1 Serverless WG BoF - Doug Davis, IBM (Any Skill Level) B5-M2+4 From Data Centers to Cloud Native - Dave Zolotusky & James Wen, Spotify (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) Auditorium 10 Jenkins X: Easy CI/CD for Kubernetes - James Strachan, CloudBees (Intermediate Skill Level) Auditorium 11+12 Growing in Your Contributor Role – Insights From a k8s Newcomer Working Within the Release Process - Tim Pepper, VMware (Beginner Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M2 Rook Project Intro – Bassam Tabbara, Tony Allen & Jared Watts, Upbound (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B4-M1+3 SIG Autoscaling Intro – Marcin Wielgus, Google, & Solly Ross, Red Hat (Any Skill Level) B3-M5+7 SIG AWS Update - Justin Santa Barbara, FathomDB (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached) B3-M6+8 SPIFFE Project Intro - Andrew Jessup & Emiliano Berenbaum, Scytale, Inc. (Any Skill Level) B4-M2+4 SRv6LB: Leveraging IPv6, Segment Routing, and VPP for Very Fast, Reliable, and Efficient Distributed Data Center Workload Balancing - Mark Townsley & Pierre Pfister, Cisco (Advanced Skill Level) Auditorium 15 Low-Overhead Tracing Using eBPF for Observability into Kubernetes Apps and Services - Gaurav Gupta, SAP Labs (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M0 Take Control of your Filesystems with containerd’s Snapshotters - Stephen Day, Docker, Inc. (Advanced Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M5 Improving your Kubernetes Workload Security with Hardware Virtualization - Fabian Deutsch, Red Hat & Samuel Ortiz, Intel (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M3 Introducing Envoy-Based Service Mesh at Booking.com - Ivan Kruglov, Booking.com (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached) C1-M4

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